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What you’ve all been waiting for.

Written by: Zach Cheney, Ph.D.

Here it is! What you’ve all been waiting for: the officially-sanctioned blog of APU Cinematic Arts. We can tell that you’re already amazed at the thoughtful insights, engaging content, and dynamic interactivity now at your fingertips. The higher-ups said blogs were outdated. People only connect with videos these days, they said. But, by reading these words, you’re already proving them wrong!

So, what’s the purpose of this blog? Essentially, we want to have an outlet—in addition to the numerous others we’re currently maintaining—where we can feature the lives of our students and faculty, the writing of our students and faculty, dialogue within (and beyond) our community about cinema, and a unique perspective on Hollywood-related news that you’re unlikely to get in mainstream media sources.

You’re wondering what this “unique perspective” could possibly mean. Stay tuned! But here’s a teaser: you know that trailer that just dropped for the latest film in your favorite franchise? You know that studio that you follow night and day to find out what new properties they just bought? You know that actress who’s all over the news for that thing she said that’s got everyone talking? We’d like to create a space here for thinking about and addressing those kinds of news bytes in a way that will actually help you understand and talk about it all in a more intelligent way.

Brad Pitt: Not an actress, but still relevant!

And, yes, since we’re people who have been blessed with the revelation of who we are in relation to our Creator, that “intelligence” means making connections between movies and literally everything else. Mainstream media can’t promise you anything like this, because they think Jesus was just a nice guy rather than the King, the King who is very pleased that cinema exists. (Did you know that? It’s true!) If He’s interested in movies, then we should be, too. And we should think about movies in relation to Him.

We’re planning to drop a new blog post on a weekly basis. We hope you’ll join the ride and spread the word. See you again next week!


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