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Animation & VFX

Program Director: Tony Bancroft

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Tony Bancroft is an assistant professor and the program director of the Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects program. With over 30 years in the animation industry, Bancroft has been creatively involved in almost every position making an animated film, video, commercial, or short film. He has worked at studios including Sony Pictures, where he was the Animation Supervisor on Stuart Little 2, and Disney Feature Animation, where he spent 12 years animating on such films as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Emperor’s New Groove. Also at Disney, Bancroft co-directed the animated feature Mulan. He left Disney to start his own animation studio producing a Christian animated series, Lenny and Sid. He hosts a popular podcast with his twin brother, also an animator, called the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, available on iTunes. He is also the author of the book Directing for Animation: Everything You Didn’t Learn in Art School (Focal Press, 2013). Bancroft has a passion for storytelling through animation and is excited to share his passion and experience with the next generation of storytellers at APU.

2019 Class
Heart Strings
Sandra Elhachem
Gem Heist
Qamdhyn Hale
Bug Bite
Emma Mitchell
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