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What is APU Cinematic Arts doing amid Remote Learning?

This past summer, you got a letter in the mail with the acceptance to Azusa Pacific University. Later on, you got notified by the department of your choice that you got accepted to their program. #NEWSEMESTER #NEWME #NEWBEGINNINGS

Toward the end of the summer, you got that email from the Dean, President, and Department Chair that Fall 2020 classes would take place remotely, through the online platform called “Canvas.” You may have thought, “How am I going to do my homework?” “I need a good camera, lighting equipment, a clapper!” “I don’t have a Wacom Cintiq to draw on, or the software/computer.” “WHAT DO I DO?!”

*Ding Dong!* (goes the door bell)

A big package arrives at your door, and you (the production student) see a bulky box on the porch. With help, you bring the box inside and find a DSLR, a clapper, a standard lighting kit, memory cards, a tripod, and more.

*Ding Dong!* (door bell again)

A big package arrives at your door, and you (the animation student) see a box with the brand "WACOM" printed all over. You open it like Christmas morning and find a 20" Wacom Tablet Cintiq with a computer fully loaded with all the software an Animation & Visual Effects Student needs to continue their education.

APU Cinematic Arts sent 40+ boxes to students that needed equipment, gear, and software to help them continue their learning experience. In our conversations with industry professionals' Filmmaker magazine stated that they are not aware of any other film school shipping gear to their students.

You are in good hands with APU Cinematic Arts. We ensure that you get the tools you need to succeed in your education amid social distancing and remote learning mandates.


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