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Global Game Jam


January 27-31, 2021


Guest Speaker

Tom Smith has been making games for about 25 years now, starting with board games at Mayfair. He also wrote the first US rulebook for Settlers of Catan. After Mayfair, Tom moved to High Voltage Software where he started designed vide games such as Paperboy 64 for the Nintendo 64. While at High Voltage, Tom worked on a wide range of games including console, handheld, PC, action, strategy, story, etc. After High Voltage, Tom moved to California to work at THQ where he helped external developers make their games more fun. When THQ dissolved, Tom moved to Disney Mobile where he worked on Where's My Water? And Where’s My Water? 2. From Disney Mobile, Tom moved to Disney Educational Group, which was soon acquired by Zynga. There, he worked on Scrabble Go! After the Disney experience. To was hired at Imbellus, a company that made assessment games. Since then, Imbellus was bought by Roblox, where Tom continues working on assessment games.

Tom Smith also teaches game theory and mechanics at Moorpark College, in Moorpark, CA.

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