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Jordan is a recent BFA graduate with a degree in Cinematic Arts Production with an emphasis in directing. After losing his older brother to cancer when he was in middle school, he turned to filmmaking as a way to cope with the loss of his brother. He attended high school in West Africa and as soon as he graduated he headed straight to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking. This story of “Remedy” is very personal to Jordan as it relates very closely to his family’s story. In the past few years, Jordan has worked on several different short films as a director, producer, and cinematographer. Jordan’s favorite genre of film is horror/thriller and he has a passion for telling stories about broken individuals and the way they experience their thoughts and surroundings.


A desperate mother cares for her dying son, Cole, using natural remedies at a cabin deep in the woods in an attempt to escape the medical field. There is tension between her and her eldest son, Travis, who suggests taking him to the doctor. As Cole’s health and the tension between her and Travis continues to stray, everything begins to spiral out of her control. Her worst nightmare creeps its way into the cabin forcing her to make a difficult decision--to trust the medical professionals or to continue on her path of natural remedies.

Remedy.Poster copy.jpg




Director: Jordan Nicks

Producer: Charlotte Newsom

Producer/Post Supervisor: Donnie Mathias Producer: Brandon Kurtz

Producer: Jake Deverian

1st Assistant Director: Randall De Chavez

Director of Photography: Taylor Tomlinson Production Designer: Isabella Malak

Editor: Amy Rose

Sound Designer: Zachary Schneider

Sound Designer: Jacob Martinez

Sound Designer: Joshua Buchinskiy

Script Supervisor/Colorist: Tiffany Overholt Writer: Jordan Nicks

Writer: Noah Ouellette


Student Produced at Azusa Pacific University

 © 2019 Azusa Pacific University

All Rights Reserved 

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